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Telephone inquiries may be made to 406-843-4212 or via email.

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Tax Payments

Tax payments can be made by mailing them to the Treasurer's Office, by credit card (800)272-9829, use Jurisdiction Code 3614, online for $1.95 and a credit card fee of 2.55%, or at the window in the Treasurer's Office. Tax payments cannot be made at the local banks! Thank you for your cooperation.

Due Dates

Real Estate tax payments are due by November 30th of each year for the 1st half and May 31st for the second half. Mobile Home tax payments are due by May 31st for the 1st half and November 30th for the second half. Personal Property taxes are due by July 31st of each year. Postmark accepted.
  • $30 service charge added to each returned check, after two returned checks by the same customer they will be on a cash only basis for future payments.

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