Tax Lien Sale & Assignment Information

The tax lien sale date in Madison County is usually around the middle of July. The sale is not what you would think to be an auction. It is mainly the county taking lien on the property for delinquent taxes, setting a sale date for purchasing the tax lien sale certificate on the date of sale and to make the properties available for assignment.

You can obtain a list of delinquent property taxes for Madison County from this office. You will need to specify the year or years you would like copies. There is a cost depending on how large the list is.

Attorney Assistance

If you are unfamiliar with Montana Law you will need the assistance of an attorney. All necessary paper work must be in our office before an assignment can be issued. If you have any questions on the paper work required, you may want the assistance of an attorney.

Please contact our office before you send out the “Two Week Notice”, required by law, to the property owner.