Solid Waste

Landfills & Container Sites for Madison County Residents Only

Please report any misuse to the Sheriff’s Office. Each residence is assessed one Solid Waste unit at $118 per household on property taxes. Businesses are charged accordingly.

A person transporting Solid Waste on a public highway, shall attach, cover or otherwise secure the load sufficiently to prevent littering.
  1. Junk Vehicle

    Madison County participates in the Montana State Junk Vehicle Recycling Program.

  2. Solid Waste Site Locations

    Access a map displaying solid waste site locations.

  3. Automotive Wastes

    Access information on how to properly dispose of car batteries, waste oil, tires.

  4. Container Box (Dumpster) Rental

    Madison County Residents can rent a container box for waste created during building projects. The following fees apply.

  5. Container Sites

    Madison County has container sites located near Silver Star, Twin Bridges, Sheridan, Alder, Virginia City, Ennis, Harrison, Norris, Cardwell and near the Palisade campground in the Upper Madison Valley.

  6. Household Recycling

    We no longer recycle glass, find out what we do accept.

  7. Landfills

    Madison County has 2 class III landfills.

  8. Refund Request Form (PDF)

    Access the online Refund Request Form to download or print.