Advisory Boards

  1. Airport Board

    View those serving on the Madison County Airport Board.

  2. Big Hole River Advisory

    Review member information on the Big Hole River Advisory.

  3. Big Sky Transportation District

    Find out who serves on the Big Sky Transportation District Board.

  4. Board Of Health

    Learn about details pertaining to the Public Health Board.

  5. Compensation Board

    See term information for Compensation Board members.

  6. Courthouse Annex/Addition

    See board member information for Annex Building.

  7. Ennis Planning Board

    Review information on the Ennis Planning Board.

  8. Fair Board

    See who sits on the Madison County Fair Board.

  9. Interagency Coordinating Committee

    Learn more about the Interagency Coordinating Committee.

  10. Library Board

    Locate member information for the Library Board.

  11. Livestock Protective Committee

    Gain more information on the Livestock Protective Committee.

  12. LEPC (Local Emergency Planning Committee)

    LEPC meets at 7 p.m. on the 3rd Thursday of each month in the County Courthouse.

  13. Mental Health Local Advisory Council

    Review term information for the Mental Health Local Advisory Council.

  14. Twin Bridges Mosquito Board

    See meeting and member information for the Mosquito Board.

  15. Planning Board

    Find out who is serving on the Planning Board.

  16. Road Review Committee

    View those serving on the Road Review Committee

  17. Safety Committee

    Find meeting documents for both the Madison County and Tobacco Root Mountains Care Center safety committees.

  18. School Transportation

    View and download meeting documents from the Transportation Committee.

  19. Senior Citizen Board

    Locate details on the Senior Citizen Board.

  20. Solid Waste & Recycling Board

    See member term appointment and expiration dates.

  21. Tax Appeal Board

    Locate meeting information, as well as agendas and minutes and more.

  22. Weed Board

    Weed Board