Road Dept/Public Works

  1. Encroachment Permit (PDF)

    View and download an application for an Encroachment Permit.

  2. Establishing a System for Naming Roads (PDF)

    View and download Resolution 37-2013 - Establishing an Orderly System for Naming Roads.

  3. Livestock Guard License Agreement (PDF)

    View and download the Livestock Guard License Agreement form.

  4. Livestock Guard Ordinance (PDF)

    View and download Ordinance 1-2001.

  5. Petition for a Road Name or Change (PDF)

    View and download the Petition for a Road Name or Change form.

  6. Utility Occupancy & Location Agreement (PDF)

    Download the Utility Occupancy and Location Agreement form.

  7. Road Names

    Find current road names in Madison County.