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Posted on: November 16, 2017

WARNING: Jury Duty Scam

Scam Alert Image (JPG)

The Madison County Clerk of Court’s Office has been made aware of a scam where a caller posing as a deputy with the Sheriff’s Office will call a citizen and state that they have failed to appear for jury duty and will be picked up by law enforcement if a fine is not paid. The caller will go on to provide a badge number and seek credit card information. This is not the Sheriff’s Office, nor is this derived from the Clerk of Court.

This type of scam has occurred in the past. It is important to note that potential juror information is not public.

Rule 9 of the Uniform District Court Rules dictates that juror questionnaires may only be provided to the parties, attorneys for parties, judges and court employees. Likewise, under §3-15-403(2) the office must keep an excerpt of the annual jury list for public inspection. The excerpt contains the name, address and birth year of all jurors. When the lists are created for the jury term, the Supreme Court IT division prepares the public list and the Clerk of Court maintains it electronically.

 If members of the public have questions about their juror status, they are encouraged to contact the Clerk of Court’s Office at (406) 843-4230.

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