Clerk & Recorder and Election 



Thank you Madison County for the INCREDIBLE voter turnout!  6,596 ballots were issued to Active Registered Voters, 6,184 ballots were voted/received, 60 ballots were returned as undeliverable by the post office, and 352 ballots were not returned by the voter. That is a 94% turnout

If the 513 Registered Inactive voters are factored in the turnout is 87%. Which is the highest turnout Madison County has experienced in a very, very long time! Thank you to all the voters who turned out! 

Especially impressive were Virginia City & Jefferson Island both precincts only have 8 ballots not voted/returned.

Madison County Unofficial Election Results

Madison County Unofficial Election Results-PDF

*All results and data are UNOFFICIAL until the election is certified by the state

election during covid-19

In July the Montana Clerks & Recorders Association (a bi-partisan group) sent a message to Governor Bullock urging that he allow the General Election to be conducted by mail. In August he issued an Executive Order letting each county decide the safest way to conduct the election for their county during this deadly pandemic.

After speaking with the Chief Election Judges, who all but one agreed there was no way to conduct a safe poll election, the Madison County Clerk & Recorder recommended to the Commissioners the General Election be conducted by mail. The consensus proved to be correct as on Election Day Madison County (& Montana) experienced a tremendous spike in positive Covid-19 cases and some government buildings were closed due to outbreaks.

On October 9 (25 days before Election Day) over 6,000 ballots were mailed out. Within Madison County most ballots were received THE NEXT DAY! Over half were voted and returned to us via the US Postal Service. Most locally mailed ballots arrived within a few days. Thank you to the voters who returned their ballots by mail and helped slow the spread. Of the remaining ballots that were delivered in person (including the 628 on Election Day) thank you to the vast majority who wore a mask and kept appropriate distances. Your consideration was appreciated.


A HUGE THANK YOU to our local Post Offices and Postmasters who worked tirelessly to make sure every ballot was delivered. One example of this is the Ennis Postmaster - Dena Maddison - who after working a full day personally drove the HWY 287 loop twice to pick up ballots from Post Offices throughout the county. Her last delivery was at 7:00pm on Election Night! THANK YOU DENA! All of Madison County owes the local Post Offices a huge thank you for efforts that ensured the election ran smoothly.

Thanks are also due to the Commissioners who approved the mail ballot election, Tony and the facilities staff who helped us set up and rearrange the Public Meeting Room. Dave and the custodial staff who kept us in supplies and clean. Brett and the IT staff for keeping the servers secure and getting the election team computers moved and connected. 

Also thanks to all of the Madison County staff particularly in the Administration Building that were displaced from the Public Meeting Room.