Birth & Death Record Requests


  • A certifying official may not file issue or certify a copy of a vital record from another state or country.
  • Certified copies of death records for Madison County residents will be sent to this office from the Montana county where the death took place.
  • Birth records are found only in the county of birth.

Death Records

Requirements & Restrictions

  • Anyone who submits a completed state or county application may obtain a death certificate, unless it lists the cause of death as "pending autopsy."
  • Application must include applicant's name, signature, address and the purpose for which the certified copy is needed and must include the decedent's:
    • Full name
    • Date of death
    • County of death
  • Full copies are issued only to immediate family members; others will have the cause of death etc covered over.

Birth Records

Requirements & Restrictions

  • The following may obtain a certified copy of a birth record after completing a state or county application and establishing identity to the satisfaction of the certifying official (driver's license or documents establishing guardianship, power of attorney, etc):
    • The registrant
    • Spouse, child or parent of a registrant
    • An individual having legal guardianship of registrant
    • An individual who needs a certified birth record to protect personal or property rights upon submitting a notarized or certified document that states that the applicant is required to obtain a certified copy in order to protect applicant's personal or property rights
    • An authorized representative of the registrant, or an authorized representative of the spouse, child, parent or legal guardian of the registrant
  • The following may not obtain a certified or uncertified copy of a birth record:
    • A former spouse whose marriage to the registrant was terminated through divorce, annulment or invalidation and who has subsequently remarried
    • A natural parent of an adopted child when this parent does not have custody of that child
  • Informational copies (non-certified copies stamped with "copy for information" stamped on it) may be issued to anyone on births over 30 years old.