Fee Schedule

Documents from Microfiche & Computer Images

Item(s) Cost
First page of each document
Each additional page of that document

Document Certification Fee Per Document

Item(s) Cost
Certification (per document, in addition to copy charges

Surveys, Plats & Maps

Item(s) Cost
Surveys (small)
Surveys/Plats from disc
Plats (large)
Maps (extra large)

Recording Fees

Item(s) Cost
Standard document (per page, see MCA Standards for Recorded Documents
Non-Standard document (additional fee)

Filed Documents

Item(s) Cost
Per document


Item(s) Cost
UCC/Financing statements and federal tax liens
Assignments and to continue liens
Releases of all other liens
Releases (no charge to release federal tax liens)
No charge

Copy Charges by Mail or Phone

Item(s) Cost
Service charge (plus copy charges and postage)