Geographic Information Systems (GIS)


Responders need to be able to see the numbers quickly, clearly, and definitively to expedite their response. Also, remember that your address may be used as a reference point for responders to find the appropriate address they are responding to, even if it is not yours.

A helpful way of thinking about posting your address in a visible manner would be, picturing an ambulance trying to find your house at night when it is snowing. What would they be looking for?

Madison County ordinance 3-2000 (PDF):

“An ordinance establishing an orderly system for naming roads, addressing property, placing road intersection signs, and insuring continuity for future growth in Madison County.”

Madison County Resolution 37-2013 (PDF):

“A resolution establishing policy for naming and renaming roads in Madison County”

“MT-DMV” Motor Vehicle Division change of address information is available at:

To go directly to the MVD form “Change of Address for Driver License or ID card (PDF)"

Water Rights address change form online:

Water Rights number lookup: