Concealed Weapon Application / Permit

Please contact the Detention Deputy at 406-843-5369, if you have in any further questions.
The Madison County Sheriff's Office has had a major increase in requests for Concealed Weapon Permits (CWP). While we would like to ensure that every qualifying individual obtains a CWP in a reasonable time period, the following procedures could speed up the CWP process.

-State Law requires that any CWP holder provide proof of a firearms training and familiarity course. This would include a Hunter Education certificate, prior Law Enforcement and in many cases, prior military experience.
-If you find that you do not have proof of firearms familiarity training, please contact the Sheriff’s Office Detention staff to obtain information on attending a one day course. 
-Duplicate Hunters Ed Cards Can be found on the Fish Wildlife & Parks Website if you cannot find your original.
-An appointment is required. Once you have your application (PDF) filled out, contact the Detention Staff to schedule an appointment. The Detention Staff will work to schedule a time that is convenient for you.