Public Defenders

Application for Court Appointed Counsel Information Sheet

Pursuant to Montana State Law (MCA 46-8-101) any Defendant who requests court appointed counsel must submit a sworn application (PDF) for Court-appointed counsel (instructions included) for eligibility to be determined.


By signing the application, you are swearing the contents to be true to the best of your knowledge and belief. Any intentional misstatement on the sworn application may be cause for your being prosecuted for perjury.

If you are in the custody of the Madison County Detention Center and wish to obtain court-appointed counsel, you must fill out and sign the application (PDF) and return it to the Detention Officer.

If you are no longer in the custody of the Madison County Detention Center, return the application and Financial Affidavit within 24 hours to Madison County Justice Court.

If a particular question on the application does not apply to you or your situation, place the letters "N/A" in the appropriate section.

In order to avoid unnecessary delays in the appointment process, you must complete each section of this form in detail.


If an attorney is appointed to represent you and are convicted, you may be required to reimburse the State of Montana for fees paid to the Attorney as part of the judgment of conviction. (MCA 46-8-113)

Appointment Duration

If an attorney is appointed to your case and if you are convicted, this appointment ends upon sentencing and the filing of an appeal.