Motor Vehicle Licensing


Motor vehicle payments can be made by mailing them to the Madison County Treasurer's Office, by credit card 800-272-9829, using Jurisdiction Code 3614, or at the window in the Treasurer's Office.

For fees call the Treasurer's office.

Motor Vehicle Customers

Please save the statement you are given at the time of registration for income tax preparation. This statement shows the amount of money paid for registration. Thank you.


Motor Vehicle forms are available at the Treasurer's office or at the Montana State Department of Justice Motor Vehicle Division.

Older Vehicle Licensing

Vehicles 11 years old and older can be licensed permanently. If you do not request this at the time of registration you cannot get a refund, you will need to wait until the following year at renewal time to license the vehicle permanently. If you wreck your vehicle or you sell it, you do not get credit for your permanent fees paid. 

Online Vehicle Registration Renewal Services