Mobile Home De-Title

  • Owner to obtain MV72 (PDF) from County Treasurer's Office. Owner must complete MV72 (save up to $40 by not writing in the margins); have your signature notarized (tell the notary not to put the seal in the margin). If anything falls in the margins it will cost you $4 more per page. Real property legal description... must be the legal that is printed on the deed. View instructions to complete the MV72 (PDF).
  • Optional: Bring to County Treasurer's Office to review MV72, Title (or Certificate of Origin) for compliance.
  • Owner must record MV72 with County Clerk and Recorder ($7-$11 per page).
  • Owner to bring certified copy ($3 fee) of recorded MV72 to Treasurer's Office; Treasurer's Office will enter De-Title on MV system; collect $10 fee; issue owner a receipt. Complete Statement of Fact if necessary (name on deed and title might not match exactly). All documents will be sent to Tax Review Board (TRB) by County Treasurer's Office.
  • TRB will sign verification box on the back of the recorded MV72 and affix seal. TRB will return the MV72 to owner.
  • Owner will record the signed MV72 with the County Clerk and Recorder again ($7-$11 per page).
  • A certified copy ($3 fee) of the signed MV72 must be submitted to the Department of Revenue Office for the manufactured home to be classified as real property.