Mobile Home Moving


Whoever makes a false or fraudulent declaration of destination or, when required, fails to execute a declaration of destination or fails to display or produce a declaration of destination or tax-paid receipt, if a tax-paid receipt is required, is guilty of a misdemeanor an upon conviction is punishable by imprisonment in a county jail for not more than 6 months or by a fine of not more the $500, or both. (MCA 15-24-204)


  • Mobile home moving permits (moving declarations) for homes currently located in Madison County are obtained at:
    Treasurer's Office
    103 W Wallace Street
    Virginia City, MT 59755
  • The moving permit fee is $8.
  • All taxes, interest and penalties assessed on the mobile home have to be paid in full before a moving permit issued, pursuant to MCA 15-24-202. If a moving permit is needed prior to the tax bill being issued, a prepayment must be collected for the current year. Please call our office if you need to know the prepayment amount prior to coming in for the permit.
  • The following information must be submitted to the Treasurer's Office in order for the permit to be issued:
    • Owner(s) name(s), address, and phone number
    • Name, address, and phone number of company or person physically moving the mobile home
    • Address of where the mobile is being moved; Mobile Home Park or Private Property
    If the person requesting the moving permit is not the registered owner of the mobile home in the tax system, he/she needs to show proof of ownership. The mobile home title or a Bill of Sale is proof of ownership.
  • Moving permits are valid for 1 move only. Any permit issued in the current year expires on December 31 of that year.