Madison County Sheriff's Fees

Applicant Fingerprints $10.00
Concealed Weapons Permit $55.00
Concealed Weapons Permit Renewal $25.00
Copy of any writ, process or other paper when demanded or required by law $1.00 per page
Copy of officer's report (additional cost for statements, photos, etc. $2.00
Detention $69.00 per day
False Alarm Registration Fee $60.00 one-time fee
Fee for holding any sheriff's sale for personal or real property on execution or under any judgement or order of sale $150.00
Levying and serving each writ of attachment of execution on real or personal property $100.00
Making a return of summons for a person not found in the county $60.00
Mileage current state rate per mile
Notary fees $2.00
Posting notices and advertising any property for sale on execution or under any judgement or order of sale, exclusive of cost of publication $60.00
Postponement or cancellation of sheriff's sale $60.00
Service of affidavit, order, and undertaking in claim and delivery; service of attachment on the body or order of arrest on each defendant; service of summons and compliant on each defendant; serving a subpeona on wach summoned witness $60.00
Serving a writ of possession or restitution $60.00
Serving every notice, rule, or order on each served person (Civic Service) $60.00
Taking bond or undertaking in any case authorized by law $60.00
Trial of the right of property or damages, including all services except mileage $60.00