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Nov 30

11/22/20 - 11/28/20

Posted on November 30, 2020 at 10:50 AM by Kathy Barnes

Wildlife Complaint in Sheridan
Animal Complaint in Sheridan
Ambulance Call in Sheridan
Fire Call in Ennis
Dog Complaint in Ennis
Accident in Ennis
Alarm Call in Virginia City
Citizen Assist in Alder

Ambulance Call in Ennis
Alarm Call in Ennis
2-Wildlife Complaints in Ennis
Fire Calls in Sheridan & Cameron
Traffic Complaint in Pony
Suspicious Circumstances in Cardwell

Fire Calls in Sheridan & Twin Bridges
Abandoned Vehicle in Alder
Wildlife Complaint in Ennis
Animal Complaint in Ennis
Suspicious Circumstances in Alder
Accident in Ennis

Animal Complaint in Sheridan
2-Citizen Assists in Sheridan
Traffic Complaint in McAllister
Suspicious Circumstances in Ennis
2-Accidents in Cameron
Accidents in Pony & Silver Star
Privacy in Communications Complaint in Ennis
Fire Call in Cameron
Domestic Disturbance in Alder
Prisoner Transport from Jefferson County to Gallatin County

Wildlife Complaint in Norris
Animal Complaint in Alder

Suspicious Circumstances in Sheridan
Ambulance Call in McAllister
Accident in Cameron
Theft Complaint in Ennis
Wildlife Complaint in Ennis
Trespassing Complaint in Twin Bridges
Welfare Check in Ennis

Citizen Assist Out of County
Lost Property in Sheridan
Ambulance Call in Sheridan

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office responded to 76 Calls for Service from November 22-28, 2020.

*** We will be issuing & renewing Concealed Carry Permits-& providing Fingerprint services-BY APPOINTMENT ONLY!!!  Please call (406) 843-5369, to schedule your appointment.  Thank you.***