What costs are associated with a subdivision?
There are several County review fees listed on the Madison County Subdivision Review Fee Schedule located in this packet. Also, surveying, engineering and development costs should be anticipated. A DEQ review fee will apply where proposed lots are less than 20 acres in size.

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1. What is a subdivision?
2. What are major, minor, and subsequent minor subdivisions?
3. What are the differences between a Major and Minor Subdivision?
4. What is the first step in the subdivision process?
5. What documents are needed during the subdivision application and review process?
6. What county departments are involved in the process?
7. What types of professionals should the subdivider include on the project team?
8. How long does the process take?
9. What does preliminary plat approval mean?
10. At what point can the lots be sold?
11. What costs are associated with a subdivision?