Justice Court


 P.O. Box 277 - Virginia City, Montana 59755

Phone (406) 843-4237-Fax (406)843-4219


Jordan Allhands, Court Administrator jallhands@mt.gov

Kayla Bean, Compliance Officer kayla.bean@mt.gov


May 7, 2020


The following is hereby Ordered until revoked or amended

The Justice Court is open for business via telephone, email, mail, video options and fax. Personal appearance may occur conditioned on the protocol below: Only individuals with Official Business will be allowed into the Courthouse.

The Court encourages remote appearances. Please call the Court prior to your appearance date to discuss remote options. The Court will assist you with instructions for each remote option.

 In person appearances shall be allowed subject to the following protocol:

1. Mask and hand sanitizer are mandatory. These items will be available at the Courthouse. 6-foot distancing is mandatory.

2. Required completion of a questionnaire with name, address, telephone number, date, and time of entering Courthouse and time of departure. (For future tracing if needed)

• Confirmation by the individual that they have not been exposed to the COVID-19 virus for the previous fourteen (14) days prior to their Court appearance, to the best of their knowledge.

• Confirmation that you have not left the State of Montana for the fourteen (14) days prior to your Court appearance.

• Confirmation that you have not had a fever or have been sick for the fourteen (14) days prior to your Court appearance.

The Court encourages remote Initial Appearances, Omnibus Hearings and Pretrial Conferences. In person appearances shall be allowed subject to the above-mentioned protocols.

Change of Plea Hearings will be by remote methods or in person. In person appearances shall be allowed subject to the above-mentioned protocols. The type of appearance will be decided on a case by case basis. Therefore, Pro Se Defendants and Counsel shall contact the Court to schedule their Change of Plea.

Filings may be by mail, email, or fax.

**All Trials will be addressed at the Pretrial Conference. It is specifically noted that the Defendants and/or the Counsel may file Motions to Continue. **

Payments of Fines may be made online at www.citepayusa.com or by mailing a check or money order. In person payment will be allowed, subject to the above-mentioned protocol. If you need assistance paying online, please contact the Court at the above phone number.

Justice Court Processes

  • Misdemeanor complaints issued by Madison County Sheriff's Office, Big Sky Detachment, Montana Highway Patrol, Fish Wildlife and Parks, County Attorney, Department of Livestock and Department of Transportation
  • Felony offenses - initial appearance and preliminary hearing only
  • Juvenile (under 18) offenses - traffic; fish, wildlife, and parks; gambling; and tobacco
  • Courtesy appearances on other jurisdiction warrants


If it is a hardship for you to climb the stairs, please call the office to schedule your appearance on the first level of the Courthouse.

Legal Advice

We in Justice Court are pleased to assist you but we cannot give legal advice, you should consult an attorney for any legal question.