Sheriff's Office


5 Placer Loop
Virginia City, MT 59755

PO Box 276
Virginia City, MT 59755

(406) 843-5301


(406) 843-5351

Link: Sheriff's Office Page

Toll Free

Phone: (800) 763-4439

Big Sky Office - Voice Mail Only

Phone: (406) 995-4880

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Neal, Stewart Deputy Sheriff   406-843-5301  
Hedges, Duncan Sheriff/Coroner 406-843-5301  
Schroder, Craig Undersheriff and Coroner (406) 843-5301  
Heavrin, Wesley Sergeant and Coroner (406) 843-5301  
Sturgill, Chris Deputy Sheriff (406) 843-5301  
Winn, Alec Sergeant and Coroner (406) 843-5301  
Young, Doug Deputy Sheriff, Coroner, Evidence Tech (406) 843-5301  
Marsh, Austin Deputy Sheriff and Coroner    
Wyatt, Daniel Deputy Sheriff    
Cox, Leah Deputy Sheriff and Coroner    
Goodman, Jackson Deputy Sheriff and Coroner    
Jurgonski, Tim Deputy Sheriff and SAR Coordinator    
Mursch, Tyler Deputy Sheriff and K9 Officer    
Keltner, Christine Front Office Manager   406-843-5301  
Gil, Dan Deputy Sheriff      
Hunter, Hailee Deputy Sheriff   406-843-5301  
Sewell, Jessica Administrative Assistant   406-843-5301  
Elmer, Brandon Deputy Sheriff 406-843-5301  


Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Denny, Josh Communications Coordinator (406) 843-5301